[tips] [soft skill] [sharing] LÀM THẾ NÀO ĐỂ VIẾT EMAIL HIỆU QUẢ? (phần 1)

  • LOẠI 1: Request for information (liên hệ/hỏi thông tin)
Đây là loại email phổ biến khi nhu cầu tìm kiếm thông tin là không bao giờ thừa.

VD1: Khi mình cần viết email cho giáo sư xin cơ hội thực tập ở bậc cử nhân (có thể là trong/ ngoài nước)

  • Subject: Possible undergraduate research oppotunities/ Enquiry for a funded internship in <topic>
  • Dear Professor Professorson,
  • My name is <…> and I am a <year, major> at <university>. In my introductory and upper-level coursework, I have developed a passion for science. I am extremely interested in pursuing independent research as an undergraduate (Giới thiệu qua về bản thân).
  • I am writing to ask about opportunities for doing research in your lab this summer. (Câu hỏi rõ ràng ngay từ đầu)
I am personally greatly interested in < research area>. Recently, I read and was intrigued by your journal article <”Title”> hoặc <on … >. In particular, I found it amazing that <additional information about the Topic>. (Thông tin nền) I have come across your website, and was very impressed with you have done in this field. Therefore, I would like to get involved in a short-term project in your lab and would ultimately allow me to <goals> (Thêm chi tiết).
Would you be available sometimes this week to discuss your and my research interests? I would also be happy to volunteer in your lab for a few weeks before we commit to anything to see if this is a good match. I have attached my transcript and CV for your reference. (Câu hỏi phụ + Nguyện vọng)
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you for your consideration,
(Kết thư lịch sự)

VD2: Mình viết email xin thông tin về phòng ốc trong trường để tổ chức sự kiện chào đón tân sinh viên

  • Subject: Availability of the Dining Hall on October 5
  • Dear Alyce,
  • My name is Mimy, an Entertainments Officer of the DCSA (giới thiệu qua về bản thân).
I would like to know if our Dining Hall is available on Saturday, October 5 (Câu hỏi rõ ràng ngay từ đầu)
We are organising a Freshers’ BOP to welcome all new students to Darwin Collegethis academic year (Thông tin nền).
The party will be between 9 pm- 1 am with live music, aimed at reaching 400 students. I feel sure that the Dining Hall would be perfect for that (Thêm chi tiết).
If possible, may we book the room on that day from 2 pm? We need a few hours before to put on decorations and set up the main stage. (Câu hỏi phụ + nguyện vọng).
  • I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Many thanks,
(Kết thư lịch sự)
  • LOẠI 2: Reply to request for information (trả lời email yêu cầu thông tin)
Sẽ khá mất thời gian nếu chúng ta cần gửi email qua lại nhiều lần cho một vấn đề. Do đó, chúng mình cần lưu ý trả lời đúng và đủ những câu hỏi nhận được.

VD3: Câu trả lời từ mình dành cho một ban nhạc. Mục đích gửi ngỏ ý muốn biểu diễn ở trường mình và biết thêm thông tin về lịch diễn.

  • Subject: Play at Darwin May Ball 2020
  • Dear Shake The Tail Feather,
Thanks for reaching out! We enjoyed your performance at the Big Auditions Weekend at Jesus College and are currently working how different acts could fit into our line-up (Cám ơn người gửi).
  • I’m delighted to say that we would love to have you play for our ball this year, which is on Friday, June 19 (Trả lời câu hỏi).
Currently, there is one slot available from 10 pm-11 pm, on the main stage. We will provide you with Drum kit, Piano keyboard, Guitar amp, Bass amp and the PA system. How does it sound to you? In term of a quote, I can either offer discounted tickets to the ball or pay in cash/cheque after the gig? (Bổ sung thêm thông tin/tài liệu).
  • Let us know what you think and happy to discuss further details! (Thiện chí cho các email sau)
Best wishes,
(Kết thư lịch sự)
Nguồn: Mimy Pham

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